Two Dice
This is an activity spreadsheet, with teaching notes, that requires pupils to roll two dice, add their totals together and record the scores. The results are then compared in an automatic graph.

Year 7 Objectives:
  • Estimate probabilities by collecting data from a simple experiment and recording it in a frequency table
  • Compare experimental and theoretical probabilities in simple contexts
Year 8 Objectives:
  • Compare estimated experimental probabilities with theoretical probabilities, recognising that:
    • if an experiment is repeated the outcome may, and usually will, be different
    • increasing the number of times an experiment is repeated generally leads to better estimates of probability
Pupils often have many misconceptions regarding simple probabilities, perhaps including the assumption that when throwing two dice all totals are equally likely. This resource supports the two dice experiment lesson, but uses a spreadsheet to collate and display the results to speed up the experiment and allow for a more effective analysis of the results. The activity allows opportunities for whole class teaching, discussion and reflection, predicting and testing outcomes.

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