Probability Discussion
This is a spreadsheet activity that can be used to model the random selection of a playing card from a deck of cards. The activity includes a set of notes providing ideas about using the activity with pupils to generate discussion about probability.

Year 7 Objectives covered:
  • Use vocabulary and ideas of probability, drawing on experience
  • Understand and use the probability scale from 0 to 1
  • Find and justify probabilities based on equally likely outcomes in simple contexts
  • Identify all the possible mutually exclusive outcomes of a single event
Year 8 Objectives:
  • Interpret the results of an experiment using the language of probability
  • Appreciate that random processes are unpredictable
If the spreadsheet is used on an interactive whiteboard, you can use it to focus on teaching sampling, both with and without replacement. The supplied notes have prompts for encouraging pupils to discuss probabilities.

The spreadsheet models selecting a card both with and without replacement. It also keeps a record of cards selected without replacement.

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