Analysing Data
This is a discussion activity which can be used to encourage pupils to look at statistical diagrams critically. Pupils then use a spreadsheet or graphing software to create new diagrams which better represent the data.

Year 8 Objectives covered:
  • Interpret tables, graphs and diagrams for discrete and continuous data, relating summary statistics and findings to the questions being explored
Year 9 Objectives:
  • Interpret graphs and diagrams and make inferences to support or cast doubt on initial conjectures
  • Have a basic understanding of correlation
The graphics featured originally appeared in a newspaper, and purported to show the impact that an injury to footballer Steven Gerrard would have on Liverpool FC's results. Pupils are invited to evaluate the graphs, carry out some simple calculations and create their own graphs, with the aid of a spreadsheet or other graphing software. The activity provides opportunities for pupils to use real life data, develop a ‘critical eye’ when looking at data representation, use ICT to draw graphs and discuss in small groups.

You may find it helpful to look at the activity and teaching notes with a colleague and think about how they can be used or adapted for your pupils: for example, you could replace the data about Steven Gerrard with other data from newspapers and magazines.

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