Building Success
In this activity, pupils develop problem-solving skills by trying to maximise profit in a real-life context. The activity covers:
  • ‘Representing’ objectives for Years 7 – 9
  • ‘Analysing’ objectives for Years 7 – 9
  • ‘Interpreting’ and evaluating objectives for Years 7 – 9
  • ‘Communicating and reflecting’ objectives for Years 7 - 9
This activity will challenge pupils across a range of years and levels. It provides opportunities to work in small groups to engage with an open-ended task which offers the possibility of both simple and much more complex solutions. The pupils will also use spreadsheets and dynamic geometry software to help them in their task. The activity however, could also be set as a paper-based activity if that is more appropriate.

Two versions of the task are provided:
  • A standard version
  • An extended version which includes more options making the task more challenging.
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