Geoboard Polygons
In this activity, pupils use Geoboards (manufactured boards, printed paper versions or the virtual Geoboard available on the NRICH website) to explore properties of shapes. The activities focus on using the geoboard work to develop pupils’ geometrical reasoning.

Year 7 Objectives:
  • Identify and use angle, side and symmetry properties of triangles and quadrilaterals
  • Explore geometrical problems involving these properties, explaining reasoning orally, using step-by-step deduction supported by diagrams
  • Understand and use the language and notation associated with reflections, translations and rotations
  • Explore these transformations and symmetries using ICT
Year 8 Objectives:
  • Know that if two 2-D shapes are congruent, corresponding sides and angles are equal
  • Identify all the symmetries of 2-D shapes
  • Try out mathematical representations of simple combinations of these transformations
The Geoboards can be changed according to the needs of each particular exercise. Pupils might use a combination of physical Geoboards and paper versions to allow them to record their work. Depending on hardware, pupils could access these activities on a computer or the teacher could use a single projected computer to demonstrate.

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