Penny Farthing
This resource uses dynamic geometry software to investigate the geometric properties of a Penny-Farthing. The associated worksheet asks questions regarding circumference, scale factors and arcs and touches on the tangent-radius property.

Objectives covered for Years 9 to 11:
  • Know and use the formulae for the circumference and area of a circle
  • Solve problems involving lengths of circular arcs and areas of sectors
  • Understand and use the formulae for the length of a circular arc and area and perimeter of a sector
  • Use ICT to explore constructions
  • Interpret and use ratio in a range of contexts
These resources allow pupils to consider the mathematics involved in the design and use of a Penny-Farthing. Pupils use dynamic geometry software to help them calculate radii, lengths of arcs and find tangents. The questions on the worksheet lead them through the calculations and provide additional questions for further investigation.

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