Algebra Squares
This activity presents a series of spreadsheets that lead pupils through a series of interactive screens. Pupils need to create expressions to solve increasingly complex algebra squares.

The puzzles are:
  • Substitution equation squares
  • Simple equation squares
  • Complex equation squares
Year 7 objectives covered:
  • Use letter symbols to represent unknown numbers or variables; know the meanings of the words 'term', 'expression' and 'equation'
  • Simplify linear algebraic expressions by collecting like terms; multiply a single term over a bracket (integer coefficients)
  • Construct and solve simple linear equations with integer coefficients (unknown on one side only) using an appropriate method (e.g. inverse operations)
  • Use simple formulae from mathematics and other subjects; substitute positive integers into linear expressions and formulae and, in simple cases, derive a formula.
As the puzzles progress the algebraic demands become greater, giving pupils the opportunity to access many objectives. Each algebra square has a series of formulae behind the cells, which can be changed to provide an extra challenge for pupils.

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