Simplifying fractions
This lesson uses a program that presents strips can be labelled as decimals, vulgar fractions or percentages. Different parts can be coloured to allow easier visual comparisons to be made.

The program may be most useful in Year 7 but it is a flexible resource that will be useful across a wide range of groups. It is designed for use with whole group teaching using an interactive whiteboard or with a data projector and a whiteboard. It could also be used as by small groups or individuals to explore the concept of fractions.

Year 7 objectives covered:
  • Simplify fractions by cancelling all common factors and identify equivalent fractions.
  • Recognise the equivalence of percentages, fractions and decimals
The program provides the possibility of displaying a strip or strips of fractions which help your pupils to:
  • compare the size of different fractions
  • better understand vulgar fractions
  • better understand cancelling down
You may find it helpful to watch the short video (included with the activity resources) of a teacher demonstrating the software.

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